Mudda panel comments on lack of unity in opposition while NDA has obvious upper hand

Thursday’s edition of Mudda discussed the situation in the run-up to the presidential polls next month and also did a quick review of the Yogi Adityanath government’s ambitious drive to repair roads in 40 days.

The participants included BJP spokesperson Anila Singh, adviser to the governor CB Pandey, senior journalist Kulsum Talah, Congress spokesperson Sharbat Fatima and Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Ravidas Mehrotra.

Singh stated that a three-panel committee has been formed and talks are also going on and a suitable name will be chosen as the BJP’s presidential candidate. Asked about the buzz that LK Advani was a possible contender, she said, “It’s too early to comment on that matter as it is the committee which will have a final say.”

Fatima then joined the conversation and elaborated that dialogue has taken place between both ruling and opposition parties. “Sonia Gandhi has been given the responsibility to negotiate with other major outfits to come to an agreement regarding a candidate.”

Talah asserted that it is a constitutional post and politics should be avoided if possible. “The possibility of a united opposition is highly unlikely as every other party is trying to sell their face for presidential elections,” she added. Commenting on the situation, she said that the NDA has the upper hand because of the landslide victory in the UP elections.

Pandey talked about the democratic process of elections. He provided some insight on whether or not the BJP will prop up a candidate who will channel the party’s Hindutva or vote bank agenda.

Disagreeing with Pandey’s remarks, Singh interjected, “Hindutva is a lifestyle, it is a good thing to carry forward. Our party’s only agenda is ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’ which will eventually put our nation on a par with and on negotiating terms with the top economies of the world.”

In the second segment of Mudda, Singh countered the question of whether the Yogi Adityanath government has missed the deadline for making UP roads free of potholes. She asserted that the BJP is bearing the consequences of years of abuse and torture by previous governments. “Our CM is dealing with great positivity and feeling, we are only two months old, appreciate our intent instead of counting our failures,” she added.

Contradicting the statements made by the BJP spokesperson, Fatima said that law and order has only worsened under this government and there is a sharp increase of 35-40 percent in crime. People from different walks of life ranging from farmers to students are out on the roads, which proves that the current government only proposes and does not deliver, she said.

Compiled by Atul Kisku