Bharat  Chalo

Ghar wapsi in the reverse new

While a section of politicians are trying to pack off various kinds of people to Pakistan, it seems Pakistan has been more successful in its efforts to send its citizens to India. The most recent case is that of singer Adnan Sami. The home ministry cleared Sami’s application for citizenship. Now he can sing and dance his way all over the country,
without causing a riot.

Dream Run For The Dream Girl

Dream run for the Dream girl new

Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has allotted a 2,000 sq m plot in the prime Andheri area of Mumbai to BJP MP Hema Malini for her dance school. This has given lot of fodder for the opposition’s canons. After all, in a land-starved city like Mumbai, a large plot of land in a coveted area is likely to draw a lot of attention especially when more important demands are also in the queue. But then, having your party in power after a long time also bears its own fruits. And this time, the Dream Girl’s dreams come true!

Monkey Business In Bareilly Bazar

Monkey Business in Bareilly Bazar new

Bareilly Bazar is famous for its jhumkas and visits of high-profile politicos like Rahul Gandhi. This time, however, it was a simian that took centrestage, or rather the wheels of a parked bus. It switched on the engine and took off in second gear. This happened while the driver was taking a nap—thankfully inside the bus. Rudely woken up, he managed to chase the monkey away, but not before it had hit two vehicles and scared the wits out of a rudely jolted crowd. Meanwhile, the monkey business is being enquired into.