Anil Kumble’s reverse shot


India’s new cricket coach, Anil Kumble, has varied and intriguing interests beyond the cricket field. He is an avid wildlife photographer who became a shutterbug when he was just 17.

Showcasing his talent behind the lens, Kumble also released a book, Wide Angle, in which he shared an array of unusual and candid shots of the national cricket team.

The former India captain is also active in wildlife conservation. He has an NGO, Jumbo Fund, which is named after his own nickname of ‘Jumbo’.  It works to raise funds and recognize the contribution of forest staff, NGOs and individuals working for wildlife conservation.

The Karnataka government had appointed him Vice-Chairman of the State Board for Wildlife in 2009 which advises the government on conservation policies.

A sample of Kumble’s photography skills:

2nd 3rd 4th 5th