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Capturing the excitement of train travel             

“The adventure is not in getting somewhere, it’s the on-the-way experience,” said Ruskin Bond famously. Equally compelling is the drama and test of patience that unfolds as you wait for the train. It is a story with its own twists and turns, as these pictures reveal

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Indian Railways ferry more than 23 million passengers in a day and over a billion ton of freight every year. At
115,000 kms, this railway network is one of the world’s largest

Photos By Anil Shakya

Indian Railways ferry more than 23 million passengers in a day and over a billion ton of freight every year. At 115,000 km, this railway network is one of the world’s largest

Traveling long distances on Indian trains also means long transit hours in between major stations

When platforms transform into living room, restroom and the study

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Traveling long distances on Indian trains also means long transit hours in between major stations